General Questions

  • Log on to your COAST account
  • Click the My Work tab under Permit, and type in the permit number in the search field
  • Click on the permit number, and under Sub-Case, find the applicable permit to apply for and fill out the information
  • Click Submit when the application is complete
  • Log on to your COAST account
  • Go to the My Work tab under Permit to search and view the permit
  • The Summary page will show you the progress of your Plan Review. It can also be viewed by scrolling under Workflow
  • You can view the status of each review by clicking Reviews and clicking each category to see the status

When your plans are approved and stamped, they will be under your permit’s Attachments tab in COAST.

Please try searching with the address number and the first few letters of the street name until you see the correct address appear. You can keep adding letters to narrow down your search.

File standards are a way to help with consistency when submitting plans and supporting documents.

Please see the document below for the file standards required for submittal:

Building Safety File Standards

You will be able to upload documents after all agencies complete their plan review.

Building Safety: 230 Government Center Dr, Suite 170 • Wilmington, NC 28403 • Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm
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