Plan Review FTP Site Instructions

Electronic plans larger than 20MB in file size may be submitted on CD or uploaded to the Plan Review FTP website using the steps listed below:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Plan Review FTP website.
  2. Once at the FTP site it may be easier to view the FTP site in Windows Explorer. To do so, press the Alt key, click on View that appears in the menu at the top of the browser window, and then click Open FTP site in File Explorer towards the bottom of the drop down menu.
  3. Next, drag or copy your electronic plans onto the FTP site.
  4. Finally, send an email to with the permit application, site plan, liens agent (if applicable), and notification that electronic plans have been uploaded to our FTP site.

Note: An FTP account is not required to upload plans to this site. If you have any questions or experience difficulty, please call the Development Services Center at 910-798-7308 for assistance.

Building Safety: 230 Government Center Dr, Suite 170 • Wilmington, NC 28403 • Phone 910-798-7308 • Fax 910-798-7811